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    As the official distributor, this is the scaffold that helps to shorten construction time. It uses the concept of fabricating scaffold in warehouse before delivered to site. Cranes stacked the boxes up to construction the structure just like lego.



    Functional flooring

    Anti slip
    Removal of boots mud and grease.


    Customisable attachments

    Allow customer to attach any complement attachments.


    Hoistable scaffold

    Swift installation anddismantle by using crane!As fast as 15mins.


    Movable railings

    Adjust height or add on forenhance security with just boltand nut.




    Modular box with access

    Cages are a superAccess Box or multiple boxes assembled horizontally and or vertically to create a cage for multiple use, such as suspended cage or any other cage or box.The Cage can be used in any configuration or to suit a particular requirement. A single box or cage can be made up as a cantilevered access platform sitting on a roof to have access to the face of the building upward or downward.


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