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    Tubular metal frame scaffolding systems are most commonly used scaffold system in the construction. The scaffold consists of welded steel frames connected by cross brace to form a framework to support scaffold planks or other scaffold platform systems.


    Lock pin feature

    Easy installation of cross brace
    Easily replace or add on for modification

    Frame strength features​​​

    Specially designed to witholdheavy weight
    Available in galvanise andnon galvanise

    Joint pin connection

    Easy join connection with 1 item
    Installation and dismantle withoutbolt and nut

    Convenient platform installation

    Catwalk platform fits on this system perfectly​(popular platform choice)
    Commonly used in mobile/tower scaffold


    External scaffold construction

    Commonly used for external building construction such as painting, plastering, installation of aluminium cladding or windows.

    Working platform construction

    Used to erect platform to access or work on different areas of the building.

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